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Under the Hood by Sally Clements

Under the Hood - Sally Clements

When this novella popped up as a freebie on Amazon, I had to snag it. I'm a sucker for Entangled romance novels, especially Bliss titles. They're always perfectly sugary and tame. You know, for those times when I don't want the heat, just the sweet!


Huge hugs to Sally Clements for writing a female character with a job not typically seen in romance novels. Alice is a mechanic, and she's damn good at what she does. I loved the idea of garage tailored to female patrons. Why not? Alice and her friends were a refreshing dose of women who don't have to fit where society thinks they should. I could have done without Alice wearing lingerie under her uniform though. After all, can't she be a woman and just wear plain cotton underwear? I don't think it makes her less feminine. Just my opinion, but it seemed a silly little addition.


The relationship between Alice and Mark was, in true novella form, a bit rushed. It was still adorable though. I liked that they were able to bond over their love of working on cars, that Mark was a gentleman, and that they didn't feel the need to hop directly into bed. The tension between them felt a little forced, but I let it slide. I was too happy that Alice's friends were her voice of reason when she was being irrational. No sweetheart, he can't call you about a client's case, even if it does indirectly involve you. Get over it. Mark is the type of guy you'd want to forgive anyway. I'm glad Alice agreed me with me in the end.


I guess what I'm trying to convey is that I'm in the middle on this one. Since I don't give half stars, I'll bump it up to a solid three. It's a short, sweet, romp into the lives of two people who are fairly meant for one another. If you're looking for something quick and sugary? This might satisfy your appetite.