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Blackfin Sky by Kat Ellis

Blackfin Sky - Kat Ellis

If there is one thing that you should know about this reader, it's that I'm easily charmed by oddities and quirks. I love stories that are rich with the kind of atmosphere that makes you truly believe in the place it is describing. Blackfin Sky delivered this in a most pleasing manner. I was treated to a town brimming with items like the local penny well, which would nip the change right out of your pockets if you walked too close. Or like Sky's home, which had a tendency to whisk away all sugary treats an unsuspecting child might bring home since, as you well know, they are quite bad for you. I was smitten with this town, and eager to learn more about it.


When Sky mysteriously came back from the dead, this story looked even more promising. With a setting like this, I hoped for something magical and even a bit sinister. I suppose I did get my wish partly fulfilled. There was indeed some rather sinister undertones to Sky's story. Some of the events that took place were downright creepy, especially as she slowly came to understand how she was "dead" for so long. Unfortunately, there was plenty that was not fully explained. There was this deliciously creepy circus, that played a part I didn't quite understand. More than a few characters flitted in and out of the story without really being fleshed out. Most disappointing of all, Sky's ability to travel through multiple timelines was only just hinted at. I would have loved to learn more about how it worked, and what the consequences were.


In fact, if you were to ask me right now what the entire point of this story was? I wouldn't rightly be able to tell you. I only just finished it a few days ago, and pieces of it are already lost in the immeasurable space that holds all my bookish knowledge. The things I do know are these: I liked Sky as a character, I loved the town that she lived in, and I just wanted more. So much more of everything. For the things I did enjoy, I'll happily give this book 3 stars. It was well-written, although the pacing felt slightly off. The characters and the setting charmed me enough to keep me reading to the end and that's saying something. Pick this up simply to meet the town of Blackfin Sky.