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Meteor Men by Jeff Parker

Meteor Men - Jeff Parker

I can't really pinpoint exactly what it is about Meteor Men that I liked, even though I've been thinking about for a little over a day now. If I had to take a guess, I'd say it's the fact that this graphic novel captured my imagination. I'm sure we've all had moments where we wonder if we're alone in the universe. Where we truly debate what would happen if we weren't. More than anything, I felt like this story was something different from tales of aliens I've read previously, and I appreciated that wholeheartedly.


Let's start with the illustrations since, in all honesty, those were my least favorite part of this story. It's not that the panels in Meteor Men aren't well done. They're just a different art style than I'm used to. The scenes were a bit blurry looking, with starkly contrasted speech bubbles hovering over them. On the bright side, it did make for a very easy read. The dialogue doesn't hide within the panels. Still, I'm used to bright, crisp art in my graphic novels. It made this one a little distracting.


On to the story line, shall we? That was my favorite part of this, hands down. I loved that the aliens arrival was so spectacular. That there were no flashy UFOs or mother ships. I also really enjoyed the reactions of the general public. This story felt true to life as I followed along. I won't spoil, but there are a lot of grey areas explored in this novel. What if the aliens that came to Earth didn't fall into a "bad" or "good" category? What if there was something in between? Any story that challenges me to think outside the box gets a seal of approval from me, and this one did just that.


There's not really much else that I can say about Meteor Men. I'm sure it's going to be a graphic novel that people either fall in love with, or pass over. As a fan of Science Fiction, I enjoyed being lost in the story, and that's all I can really say for sure.