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Reboot (Reboot #1) by Amy Tintera

Reboot - Amy Tintera

Well now, this was a pleasant surprise. When Reboot first released last year, I passed it over because of all the craziness surrounding it. Half the reading world loved it and praised it as the next Divergent. The other half loathed it and shouted to the rooftops what a piece of drivel it was. At the time, I wasn't in the mood to be in the middle of that. So I let this book sit and collect dust. However when I realized that Khristine Hvam is the narrator of the audio version, I snapped it up and decided to give it a shot. I'm glad I did friends. I'm really glad I did.


If I had to choose only one thing to say about this book, it'd be this: YOU MUST SUSPEND DISBELIEF TO ENJOY THIS. Really, you do. I went into Reboot expecting nothing more than an action-packed story about some re-animated teens. I'll tell you, that's exactly what I was given. Amy Tintera creates a dystopian landscape much like those you've seen before, but with a twist. As expected, some horrible event (in this case a virus called KDH) has all but wiped the planet clean of humans. However, in this instance, some actually survive. Just not in the way you might think. KDH does, in fact, bring some people back to life. Are they zombies? Are they mutants? Or are they simply stronger, better versions of themselves? I'll leave that to you to decide, if you choose to read this book.


Things I liked? Definitely Wren and Callum. As our main characters, they carry the story forward and they do it well! Wren is a no-nonsense kind of girl. Society has told her that she's a soulless monster, a killing machine, and she accepts that as truth. That is, until Callum comes along. These two were rather adorable together. Callum constantly tugging at the emotions Wren thought she didn't have, and Wren wondering why one boy had the power to do that. What I liked best about this was that Wren is strong. She's kick-ass. She doesn't need Callum. She chooses him. It's a wonderful thing.


Did I mention that this is a very action-packed story? It most definitely is. Which means that, as I expected, not all of my questions were answered and, once again as I expected, the ending was a bit rushed. I knew there was more than one book in this series going in though, so I wasn't disappointed. If anything, I'm actually very much ready for more. Khristine Hvam once again did an amazing job with the voices of these characters, so I know I'll be picking up the next book on audio. If you have space on your reading list, and are looking for something that is purely for fun? Give this a shot. I think you'll like it.