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The Lost Planet

The Lost Planet - Rachel Searles

I feel like a bit of an outcast in regards to this book because, for the most part, everyone seems to love it like mad. That's actually what pushed me to pick it up in the first place. I love Middle Grade fiction, and I always look at it from both my adult point of view and as if I were in the age group that it's aimed towards. If I were an MG reader would I find the escape I was looking for in this book? Sadly, in regards to The Lost Planet, that answer would have to be no. I'll explain why.


A boy wakes up in an unfamiliar place with no memory of how he arrived there, or who he is. All that he remembers is a message... "Guide the Star". Okay book, you have my attention! I was expecting to be swept up into an intergalactic adventure story, full of intrigue and action. Which is why I was so confused when the first few chapters didn't capture my imagination. I was hurriedly introduced to new characters, made to believe that new technology existed that wasn't fully explained, and then nothing happened. If I'm being honest, this book suffers from "show don't tell syndrome". I just didn't feel wrapped up in the story I was being told.


I couldn't get over the fact that nothing was explained to the reader. I'm a firm believer that Middle Grade readers deserve to be treated with respect. They are absolutely capable of understanding new worlds, and new technology, especially when a book is aimed at the older end of the spectrum like this one is. I didn't expect a technical infodump, but I at least hoped for enough information to become involved in the story. I would have expected the same when I was 12, trust me. Chase's flight through space was filled with instances of "this is just how it is" mentality. These people are part of an intergalactic world, get used to it. Yes, androids do exist, so there. My question was, why? Why to any of it?


The above, paired with the fact that none of the characters really felt fleshed out to me, just made this a book I couldn't fall in love with. There were some parts I enjoyed, but to be honest with you, they didn't make enough of an impact that I can think of them right now. Which is an awful feeling because I only just finished this book yesterday. So, two stars go to The Lost Planet, and this reader is moving on.