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Cruelty (Episode One)

Cruelty (Episode One) - Edward Lorn

Great Odin's Raven! Yes, I quoted Anchorman. Yes, it was necessary. Cruelty most definitely packs a punch. I've said it before and I'll say it yet again, Edward Lorn is an amazing writer. This may be a serial novel, which means that each episode is rather short, but there's so much packed into this story. I'm both floored, and absolutely terrified.


Let me premise my review by saying that I hate dolls. That might seem a bit harsh to you, but honestly I do. There's something about those soulless, staring eyes that just creeps me out to no end. Lo and behold, I stumble upon a book whose main character is something from my darkest nightmares. I've shuddered while reading horror before. This book though? I was honestly paranoid while reading it. I can still mentally picture that face.


Which brings me to my next point, Lorn's writing is stellar. It's so perfectly descriptive, that it's hard not to form a mental picture. From the lonesome highway, to the decrepit trailer park, I saw it all unfold in my mind. I wasn't just reading this story, I was living it. Quite honestly, it was deliciously twisted. I wanted to look away, but I simply couldn't. What do you do when the unspeakable horror approaches you from the darkness? You freeze, and you watch. Even when you don't want to.


Although the ending of this particular episode didn't quite sate my needs, I absolutely know that I'll be back for more. It's testament to how addictive this serial novel is that I was terrified, and yet am fully willing to head right back on in. All I have to say while I wait to read the next episode? Bring it on, you creepy doll-faced bastard. Bring it on.