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Peter Panda Melts Down

Peter Panda Melts Down - Artie Bennett, John Abbott Nez

What a sweet little book. Peter Panda may be having a melt down, but I've never seen one look so cute! If it isn't already obvious, it was the illustrations that initially made me want to check out this book. Even on my iPad, the illustrations were big, bright, and perfectly matched the lines on the page. Kudos to Jon Nez!


The rhyming scheme is spot on for beginning readers, and the repetition of Peter Panda's melt downs make it easy to follow along. Young readers might even see a little of themselves in Peter as they read. After all, melt downs happen! This has the potential to be an excellent parent/child read.


Why the lesser rating you ask? In my opinion, as sweet as this book is, the message is a little vague. While Peter's tantrums never get him any of the things he wants, his momma never really deals with them either. She just moves his attention to the next thing they will do. I just really would have loved to see a lesson in this book for the young minds that will be enjoying it.