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Catch Up Post

Hi all! Yes, I went MIA again. No, it was not planned. We had a bunch of family stuff happen and, as the holidays seem to bring that with them every year lately, I've been struggling to stay in the holiday spirit. I'm winning for sure, but I don't think they'll ever be a holiday where I don't get at least a little slump. That's just the long and short of it.


This picture makes me crack up every time I see it, because it kind of represents my emotions at this time of  year.



Anyway, here are some updates.


First off, I got my STRANDED book swap box from Grim last week, and it was much needed. I don't know how she always manages to get me things I SO WANT and didn't know I did.



A fuzzy purse, that I adore. Trump toilet paper which... come on... who doesn't love that to death? Apple pie Larabars which are so so yummy. A stack of books and audio books. A Boss Babes coloring book. Captain America in keychain form AND embroidery thread. In other words, all me things. SO ME THINGS. I love our swaps!



We put up our Christmas tree, and all of our Christmas decorations! That day was a good one, because I bopped around to Christmas music and kind of just zenned out with festive stuff. It was fun, and every night I turn on our Christmas tree and smile. This may be a rough time of year sometimes, but that doesn't mean that I don't love Christmas. It's still my absolute favorite holiday.



Lastly, I'm back on the bookstagram train. This photo is me messing around because I pulled out my scarves for the season and found the one that Mallory made me last year! It has a hood y'all. And I love it. I'm channeling my inner mystery. Hahaha.


That's it. I'm 11 books away from my goal of 120 for the year, and at the point where I don't know whether I care if I hit that or not. *shrug* We'll see. I'm being kind to myself, and that's all that's important.