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I'm a bookworm of the highest caliber! If you see me, I'll probably be reading. There's nothing I love more than finding a good book, and then sharing it with the world!

Halloween Bingo 2018 - Tracking Post

I saw that MM gave us a headstart on this! (Huzzah!) So I figured I'd better get my butt into gear. I still have to finish the two books I'm reading now, but I'm debating on which book I want to start on Wednesday. So many choices....


Anyway I'll be posting once every 2 weeks with updates on squares I've completed/have been called/etc. Here's my method.



My card will start out like this, at half transparency, and I'll put the squares that are called in full color/transparency.



My two markers are a witch's hat for books I'm currently reading, and a set of crossed bones for books that I've finished :). So ultimately, a called and read square will be in full color and have those little bones over it.


I REALLY want to get a bingo this year. I'm determined!


Now... which book to start with...