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Prez, Vol. 1: Corndog in Chief

Prez Vol. 1 - Mark Russell, Ben Caldwell

Bravo DC. Consider me a fan of Prez and all its charming political satire. With the current state of affairs in our nation, this comic rings even truer than it has before. Beth Ross isn't the president everyone was expecting. She's a teenager, first of all. She isn't taken in by consumerism, corporate greed, or popularity polls. What is hiding inside these pages is a giggle worthy romp through what happens when one person, a person with real power, finally starts trying to make things better. It's not always pretty, it's not always easy, but it's definitely always clever.


This volume flies by, pitting President Ross against all manner of deliciously evil politicians. I loved how Mark Russell and Ben Caldwell dealt with the faceless corporations that strive to have their hands in every pocket. It's giggle worthy, and yet brutally honest, to watch a group of the richest men in the world meet with emoticons for faces. What better way to further your agenda, then to never let your true self be known? Even the way that the news outlets are dealt with is spot on in this comic. Reporting what they're told to, and nothing else.


If you're looking for something hilarious and yet intelligent at the same time, I'd give Prez a shot! You'll likely fall as hard for Beth Ross as I did. I'd vote for her for president any day, but especially now.