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Transmetropolitan, Vol 2: Lust for Life

Transmetropolitan, Vol. 2: Lust for Life - Warren Ellis, Darick Robertson

Not so much a review I think, as much as some commentary! This is the second Transmetropolitan volume that I've read, courtesy of my wonderful book lending co-worker. He's the one who introduced me to Warren Ellis in the first place, and I couldn't be more thankful.


This series is so addicting. It's a mix of in-your-face truth, with political satire, and one badass main character. See, Spider Jerusalem tells it like it is. He doesn't give a shit what you think, or if you don't like him, or really about anything at all. In fact, given the chance he'd probably blow up the Earth. Because we're all just a bunch of messed up, self-serving, assholes anyway. Or, at least we are in his future version of the world. Spider employs ample use of guerilla journalism. He's gritty, but also brilliant. Just kind of tough to love. Oh, and he's hilarious.


Don't read these if you get offended easily. Or if you don't like cussing. Or nudity. Or lots of references to sex.... yeah. Oh and violent deaths.


But DO read these if you love irreverent characters who aren't afraid to take a good, hard look at what society is slowly descending into.