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Marvel Zombies 3

Marvel Zombies 3 - Kev Walker, Fred Van Lente

ZOMBIES! Hahaha. I love zombies enough as it is, but when those zombies are Marvel superheroes things get even more interesting! Grim proposed we do a buddy read of this today, and I happily agreed. Especially once I saw the cover. Machine Man looking like a total badass? Yes, please. Sign me up.


This is total chaos. It's bloody, violent, zombie-filled fun. No, seriously. This is super gory. If you're not a fan of exploding heads, ripped out entrails, and torso dragging zombified Marvel superheroes, you should probably stay far away. If you're like me, and that kind of stuff cracks you up. Well, read on! Because true to the cover, Machine Man is definitely a total badass. As the only one who is pretty much immune to the zombie outbreak, it's up to him to save the world. One violent death, and added snarky line, at a time.


Fun fun fun! I want to read the rest of these as soon as possible!