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Craven Place - Richard   Wright

I'm rather in love with Craven Place. Although it took the story a little bit to pull me in, it wasn't long before I was caught up in Richard Wright's web. This book isn't as straightforward as you might think it would be. The twists come out of nowhere and that, more than anything, is what kept me reading on. I remember Richard Wright telling me that he believed this to be a very "British" sort of book, and I'm inclined to agree. 

The setting, a crumbling cottage in a desolate clearing, really sets the atmosphere. I felt the evil brewing within the walls of the house from page one. What's interesting is that I wasn't certain what timeline Wright's story takes place in. Tanith and Nicholas have a very old world feel to them, while the other characters feel like they fit more in current times. It makes for a story that feels broad, and allows you to sink into it. You might not believe the ghost story, but you'll still want to know what happens next.

More than anything what I want to share is how this isn't your normal ghost story. Part horror, part thriller and part mystery, it's almost in a genre all it's own. I don't want to spoil anything, trust me. Part of the joy of Craven Place is letting it unfold and lead you where it may. I have a feeling some readers might not like the change in pace throughout, but I for one thought it made for an intriguing read. To me, ghost stories don't always have logical endings. This is no exception.

If you're a lover of cozy mysteries, or ghostly tales, it's likely you'll enjoy Craven Place. As I said, it takes a bit for things to pick up. Once they do, it's hard not to keep reading on. I was a fan of Richard Wright's first novel, which was completely different than this. I'm a fan of this one too. Any author that can take their writing across genres and still shine is a winner in my book. More please.