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The Complete Alice in Wonderland

Complete Alice in Wonderland - Leah Moore, Erica Awano, Lewis Carroll

What a simply perfect graphic novel adaptation! Yes friends, this is an actual adaptation that sticks to the classic that we all know and love. No retelling, no reimagining, just adding gorgeous illustrations to an already wonderful and whimsical story. I can't tell you how giddy I was upon realizing that Alice's adventures would be intact. There's something so satisfying about seeing things that were only in your imagination, brought to life by people who understand how important they are.


Leah Moore's artwork is a little less colorful than I originally expected, but the more I read the more I realized how well it fit the story. The muted colors lend themselves well to the dreamlike quality of Alice's rather strange encounters. I must admit, Alice herself really steals the show in terms of character illustration. She's utterly adorable, which makes her that much easier to follow along with. She is set against characters with mad grins, warped faces, and slightly terrifying bodies. That beautiful contrast between her world, and the one she has found at the bottom of the rabbit hole, is perfection.



I do believe that this would be a welcome addition to the bookshelf of anyone who has a soft spot for Alice in Wonderland. Journeying along with her, reliving the magic of Wonderland, it's all made that much more satisfying by the addition of these gorgeous panels. I just goes to show, in the right hands a graphic novel adaptation can be brilliant. I'm just glad Leah Moore understood that.