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DNF @ pg. 37

Happy People Read and Drink Coffee - Agnès Martin-Lugand

This book is just so flat. It's like a cardboard cutout of what a grieving widow should look like. You know she should be sad, and broken. You know she should be unable to function, and need support. In this case though, it's hard to feel anything at all for our main character. She's one-dimensional, and I couldn't even muster a sad sigh on her behalf.


The other big issue that caused me to DNF this was the fact that it's so cliche. Apparently this book is meant to be turned into a movie,and I can see where that stems from. This is written in an extremely formulaic fashion, that will probably translate to screen much better than it does in novel form. Reading a book that should be filled with emotion, and feeling empty, makes me sad.