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The Nameless City

The Nameless City - Faith Erin Hicks

Yes! I finally get to review this gem. I've been patiently waiting until 30 days before the release date, to share with you my excitement over this series. Faith Erin Hicks can do no wrong, in my eyes. She's equally talented at writing and illustrating, plus I've fallen in love with everything she puts her hands on. So, when The Nameless City popped up for review, I absolutely had to see what the fuss was about.


This is a bit different than what I've come to expect from Hicks, but I have to say that I'm impressed. At the heart of The Nameless City is a story about the friendship between a boy and a girl. What layers on top of that though, is a richly written look at ruling classes, slavery, and race. Kaidu lives in the world of the ruling class. His nation, the Dao, are currently in possession of the city and, by default, its inhabitants. Rat, is just an inhabitant of the city. A girl who is treated as less than human by the Dao, and one who struggles to survive alongside the rest of her people. What happens when the two of them meet? Well, I'll tell you right now that it's well worth your time to find out. Kaidu and Rat's friendship stole my heart, and I'm eager for more.


I thought it was brilliant how well Hicks wove together a story that feels realistic, even though it's technically in a fictional world. The city is rendered in all its glory, from the tallest towers to the poorest shacks. I fell in love with this city that had no name. The idea that a city can be just a city, was intriguing. That its inhabitants would have no reason to name it, because it was simply their home. Only the ruling class, the people who believed in ownership, would need to give it a title. 


This is an excellent start to what I just heard will be a series! Bravo. Color me impressed.