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Boy-1 - Amancay Nahuelpan, H. S. Tak

Let it be known that I'm still not certain if this is an ongoing series or not. What I do know, is that this particular TPB collects the four issues of this comic that currently exist. Boy-1 deals with that very gray area that lies between helping and hurting the human race. Is DNA alteration okay if it's meant to help? Does changing a person's inherent cellular structure, if it's meant to save them, make sense? This, and more, are explored in this comic, and I was pretty darn intrigued.


Okay, so first things first. The story so far, which is why I question if this is an ongoing series, is pretty thin. While I absolutely loved the concept of Boy-1, it felt really rushed. There was barely any time at all to get to know Jadas, our main character. I clung to the pieces that I did know. Drug-addict. Heir to a huge genetic research company. A little off, in more ways than one. As Jadas struggled to uncover what was going on, I found myself constantly questioning everything. I wanted more meat. More plot. It felt like this was barely skimming the surface of Jadas' past and, quite honestly, it really killed the vibe of this whole read. I love Sci Fi. I think the concept of genetic research is utterly fascinating. Why not spend more time playing all of that up?


Which brings me to the art, and the reason why I kept on reading. I have to say, Amancay Nahuelpan is quite the illustrator. I loved the movement of the panels, the excellent facial features on all the characters, and the way that this whole dystopian world slowly unfolded in front of me. Were it not for the stellar art, I might have stopped reading. I'm glad I didn't though, because the ending was enough to keep me wondering.



Will there be more? I hope so. I'd stick with this series, if only to find out how the world fares in the face of such immense change and to get more of this art.