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Kaptara, Vol 1

Kaptara Volume 1  - Kagan McLeod, Chip Zdarsky

Do you enjoy Science Fiction? Do you feed off of the completely absurd? Well, I have good news for you. Zaptara is a comic series that you're going to love. I should have known that if Chip Zdarsky was involved, this was going to be a surreal read. Experiencing this is one big WTF moment, with ample amounts of random laughter interspersed. The highest compliment I can offer up is that this reminded me a lot of Venture Bros. and I love that show to the ends of the Earth. I think this comic and I are going to get along just fine.



Volume 1 kicks things off by introducing us a ragtag group of space explorers. My favorite thing about this opening was how different the characters all were, and how obviously it was laid out. You've got the brilliant and sarcastic Keith Kanga, who ends up being our main character, surrounded by a whole cadre of personalities that conflict with his. Zdarsky set up Keith as a man who, while definitely intelligent, doesn't exactly have the best survival skills. He picks fights, and tends to charge into situations. Which, of course, comes back to haunt him when his ship crash lands on a mysterious planet. A planet that, as you'd expect, wants to murder him.



Poor Keith, good thing he has someone to protect him. Or does he?


What follows is one of the most absurd and rollicking stories I've read in a long time. It's a ton of fun to read! The planet Kaptara is full of ridiculous characters and equally random encounters. While it took me a few panels to settle in to the illustrations, Kagan McLeod's art soon became the focal point of this whole experience. He brought Kaptara to life. This zany world, brimming with all manner of violent possibilities for death, was generated in vivid color. It was perfection.


Be warned that this comic is highly irreverent about nearly everything. There is vulgar language, there are violent deaths, and occasionally there are very thinly veiled sexual jokes. This is Science Fiction in the loosest of terms, since I've yet to see any actual science involved. The fiction portion, however, abounds!


As it stands, I'm hooked! This will be a series that I'll be eager to keep following.