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The Wednesday Group by Sylvia True

The Wednesday Group - Sylvia True

Oh, my poor broken heart. The Wednesday Group is Sylvia True's debut novel, but I can promise you right now that it doesn't read like one. It's stunning, and heartbreaking. I came into a story about women whose problems were far removed from my own life. My biggest worry was that I wouldn't be able to connect enough to really enjoy this story. Trust me, I shouldn't have had any doubts. True's characters came to life. They embraced me as part of their group, and I watched as they laid their hearts and their souls on the table for me to pick apart. Be warned, this isn't the happiest of stories. It is beautiful though, and so very important.


Gail, Hannah, Bridget, Lizzie and Flavia couldn't be more different from one another when the book begins. Learning each of their unique personalities was actually one of my favorites parts of this story. My heart was pulled in all directions while I slowly fell into each one of their lives. Some meek, some angry, but all stronger women then they could ever know. That is, until they came together as a group. I was so impressed at how bluntly, and yet at the same time sensitively, True tackled the concept of men with sex addiction, and how it affects their wives and families. I adored that she didn't lump all of these characters into one coping mechanism. She allowed them their own flaws, and poor decisions, which ultimately made this a much more satisfying story.


What's even more brilliant about this story is the simple fact that it's all forward movement. There's very little fluff, or filler. It's all decisions, consequences, and tons of human growth. Of course, while this was utterly satisfying to read, it also meant that it was emotionally draining as well. I ran the full gambit of emotions while I followed these women on their journey. I felt rage, despair, hope, and so much sadness that it almost overwhelmed me. If I can give credit where credit is due, Sylvia True definitely has mastered the art of pacing. It was perfection.


I can't state enough how impressed I was with The Wednesday Group. Where I started out wary that I wasn't going to feel involved enough, I ended up completely enmeshed in these women's lives. I can't recommend this enough.