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Wild's End #1

WILDS END #1 - Dan Abnett, INJ Culbard

Apparently this is going to be a super slow burn of a series. I've been eagerly awaiting these showing up on my library lending website, since I wasn't 100% sold on purchasing them. Now, I'm a little glad I waited. If I had purchased this issue, I don't know if I would have continued. Since I read it as a borrow, I'm much more willing to be intrigued and continue on!


This issue is very much a set-up issue. We meet the inhabitants of Wild's End, who easily come to life. It wasn't difficult for me at all to accept a quaint town, filled with walking and talking animals. In fact, INJ Culbard's art was really the spotlight of this whole issue. It has this whimsical feel to it, which makes me now understand why this is so often compared to The Wind in the Willows. It feels just like that. A bit quiet, a bit peaceful. Which makes me all the more excited for the madness that will soon ensue.


A meteor has landed in the town. What's next? I'll be sure to find out.