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Orchid: Volume 1

Orchid Volume 1 - Tom Morello, Massimo Carnevale, Scott Hepburn, Sierra Hahn, Dan Jackson

Did anyone else know that Tom Morello, the guitarist from Rage Against the Machine, has a graphic novel series? I subscribed to a monthly graphic novel subscription called Comic Bento, and this showed up in my most recent box. I admit, I was intrigued! Tom Morello is an excellent guitarist. Would he also be an excellent story writer?


The answer is: maybe. Since this is the first volume in a series, it's hard to tell for sure. What I will say, is that this didn't knock my socks off. It's a bit all over the place, and the focus is more on laying out the back story of the world Orchid lives in rather than doing any actual character building. I'm all for world building. Still, when you reach the end of a story and have little to no background on your protagonist, that's kind of frustrating. Orchid didn't feel realistic. I didn't feel any emotion for her. I'm hoping that's remedied.


I think the saving grace here is the art though. It's stunning. Crisp and vivid, the world of the "after" comes to life easily. Here is a world ravaged by rising waters. A world filled with all manner of terrible new (huge) wildlife. Also, a world where the caste system has come back into play. You're either on top, and safe, or on the bottom and running for your life. Warning: this story is filled with blood and gore. People die. Brutally sometimes. It's not for the faint of heart.


I can see myself continuing with this series, although I'll probably borrow them from the library. I'm just crossing my fingers for more character development!