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Locke & Key, Vol 2: Head Games by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez

Locke & Key, Vol. 2: Head Games  - Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodríguez

Well, it's official. I'm in love with this series. From Warren Ellis' introduction (who I also adore), to the unexpected ending, this volume has sealed my love of Locke & Key. Joe Hill's mind must be a place of terror and wonder, because the things that come out of it are magical!


Unexpectedly, I loved this volume so much more than the first. While "Welcome to Keyhouse" was excellent, it was also fairly gory. I didn't mind, since it was necessary to the build up of the story, but the amount of sorrow and violence was a little overwhelming. Plus, what I really wanted was to learn more about the keys. After all it's Keyhouse. If the first volume taught me anything, it's that those keys have a lot of power and shouldn't land in the wrong hands. I wanted more!


Oh, and I was given more. "Head Games" introduces the idea of the head key. Imagine being able to open up your mind, and rustle around inside. Would you add things? Take things away? Would you use it on others? That's a lot of power for one little key. Better still, a lot of the back story that goes with these keys was unfolded in this volume. I could only stare in horror as the characters fell into the web of a madman, without even knowing it was happening. Argh. Did I mention that I love these?


And that art. THE ART! I know some people out there don't love it, but I absolutely do. Gabriel Rodriguez can do no wrong in my eyes. Keep it coming. 



So much good stuff! I can't wait to get to volume 3.