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Talon - Julie Kagawa

And... I'm done.


I know, I know. You'd think that after making it this far I would just go ahead and finish up, right? I planned on it. I did. Despite the teen angst, the love triangle, and the so far uninteresting dragons that populate this book I really wanted to at least see how it ended. I can't do it anymore though.


After the instalove (times two) I almost gave up. The final straw though was when a character who is responsible for the lives of others, who promised to keep his kind safe, abandoned all of that JUST to try to sway our main character to go with him. I get it. It's part of the plot. But, really? That's not cute. It's not sweet. That's just SAD.  He says his attraction to Ember is "visceral". Yay for you?


Argh. Sorry Julie Kagawa. I tried. I really REALLY did. I still love all your Fae, and I'll give anything you write a chance, but Talon and I have to part ways. To the DNF pile it goes.