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Firefight (Reckoners #2) by Brandon Sanderson

Firefight - MacLeod Andrews, Brandon Sanderson

Short and simple: I loved the hell out of this. 


After listening to MacLeod Andrews read Steelheart to me, alternating between sobbing and laughing throughout the entire story, I knew Firefight would be in my future. I knew I'd pre-order it. Knew I'd be waiting anxiously for it. What I didn't know, was whether or not it would live up to my expectations. Books in the middle of a series are always rather dangerous ground. They have the potential to build everything up into something wonderful, or make me feel like I was cheated out of a new series to love. So what happened? As I said above, I loved the hell out of this.


The whole world built up around David and the Reckoners is something I've completely fallen for. Getting to travel outside of Newcago this time was absolutely amazing. I eagerly drank up all the descriptions of desolate and ravaged lands. Of cities that have been so very altered that the inhabitants have had no choice but to adjust. I've always loved Sanderson's writing. His ability to bring whole worlds to life with his words just blows me away. So far? This series is no exception to that rule. I love the world of the Epics, no matter how terrifying it has the potential to be.


Oh, and the characters. I saw David in a whole new light this time. It was amazing to see him so much more grown up. I felt like the first book gave us a glimpse into the person that David was. On the pieces of his childhood that he was clinging to. In this story, I was astonished at how much he had changed. Stronger, a bit harder, but with that same spark inside that has always made me a fan of his. Sure, he's still awful at creating metaphors and similes, but there's something endearing about all the hope he holds inside. While I was thrilled with the introduction of new characters, it was David that stole the show. He's such an amazing main character.


Is the fact that there are no real cuss words in this book annoying? Slightly. Were there points that I felt a little jarred? Yes. However none of that stopped me from hanging on every word of this story. None of that kept me from feeling the terror, hope, despair and relief that I should have. I'll be following this series with a fervor that has been unmatched for a while by any other books! I'm in love with the Reckoners, and I don't care who knows it.


Oh, and look at that. I managed to avoid spoilers! *happy dances* Sorry for the vague review, but that was my goal :).