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The Rules According to Gracie by Stefanie London

The Rules According To Gracie - Stefanie London

Okay, can we say adorable? After a long day at work, I really just wanted something quick and fun to read on the way home. This fit the bill perfectly. Short, sweet, the ideal read for a sunny day.


Points go to Stefanie London for quickly creating a female character who I actually liked. Although I found it a little difficult to wrap my head around all of Gracie's rules for choosing the men she dated, I could see where they all stemmed from. I never once doubted that her controlling mother, and wealthy family name, would keep her on what they considered to be "the straight and narrow". However, with a guy like Des hanging around? Who wouldn't be tempted? Can we say yum?


Yum. Des was one tasty male lead. This is a novella so he didn't get all the love he should have as far as character development, but I felt like I knew enough about him to adore him just the same. The chemistry built between these two was wonderful. Their tension and sparks went hand in hand to make this a great read.


Are you looking for a new novella to satisfy your romance craving? I'd say give this one a shot.