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Blood Cross (Jane Yellowrock #2) by Faith Hunter

Blood Cross - Faith Hunter

Although Jane can never take the place of my favorite UF heroine (*blows Kate a kiss*) I have to say that she definitely takes a close second. Faith Hunter's shape-shifting, half-Cherokee, all bad-ass main character is a ton of fun to follow. I actually listened to the first book in this series, Skinwalker, over again before I started this one. It reminded me of why I love Jane so much! She has that perfect mixture of cockiness, loyalty, and snarky humor to fuel any adventure. I'd follow her anywhere.


Blood Cross picks up right after the end of its predecessor, and I was fairly ecstatic about that. The last book left this violent tension between Jane and Leo, the bloodmaster of the city, just sitting there and glaring at me. I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized that Hunter was going to pick up right where I'd hoped, and lead me to a conclusion. True to Jane's style, it took a bloody, dangerous, and often devastating route to get to that point. I ate it up though.


What I liked about this particular book in the series is that it showcases the softer side of Jane. As a character who is usually alone, and unable to share her secrets, it felt good to see her interact with the people who truly loved her. I think Hunter excelled at showing that, despite her kick-ass demeanor normally, Jane is still a woman. That she's not just a killing machine, but an emotional and feeling person. I teared up more than once during this audio book. Hearing Jane break down, after knowing her as such a strong person so many other times? Well, I won't lie, it got to me. 


Being given the opportunity to learn more about Beast, and where Jane came from, was also an amazing addition to this book. I worried that there might be a love triangle brewing but, and this is one of the many reasons why I love Jane, it quickly sorted itself out. She's a no nonsense kind of woman. When she knows what she wants, she takes it. I remember being so thrilled that the first book in this series wasn't riddled with romance, but this time around? I didn't mind so much. In fact, I may have sighed happily.


On to the next one! These are a ton of fun, and I love the setting of New Orleans. I can't wait to see what The Rogue Hunter gets up to next.