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Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

Dealing with Dragons - Patricia C. Wrede

I am so darn mad that this series started when I was young enough to fall in love with it, and I totally missed out. The whole time I was reading Dealing With Dragons, all I could think about was how much I would have loved this as a kid. Well, that and the fact that I'd love to have my own little one to read this to before bed. It's the perfect princess story! A strong-minded princess, wizards, dragons, all the things that I've always loved escaping into. This book is pure fun to read.


Cimorene was intelligent, witty, and full of heart. The dragons were wonderfully done, and I loved the whole idea of a dragon council. Why do dragons always have to be the bad guys? The princes were stereotypical, but that was perfect for Cimorene's wild adventures. Ah, this was just so enjoyable. I know it would have gotten five stars from me as a younger reader, but current Jessica still loved the heck out of this.


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