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Suffer the Children by Craig DiLouie

Suffer the Children - Craig DiLouie

I had to write a review of this while it was fresh in my mind. I just finished listening to Craig DiLouie's Suffer the Children, and I think the best word to describe how I feel right now is horrified. I'm certain that was the intent of this dark story. Every parent out there knows that they'd do anything for their children. That protecting them is all that matters. But, what happens when the concept of "doing anything" for your children drastically changes? When the world turns upside down and suddenly your moral compass no longer points East? That, my friends, is what this book is about. This isn't a feel good story. It's dark. It's violent. It's disturbing on so very many levels.


Starting with what I liked, let's start with the concept of Herod's in the first place. I was impressed at how well Craig DiLouie laid out the deadly plague and explained why it was so sinister. The children, if that's what you want to call them, became real in my eyes. As their parents fought for their survival, for their own survival, I was actually invested in these characters. All I could keep doing while listening to this was wondering what I would do. What lengths I would go to. I felt so many emotions during this book. It took every little piece of empathy I had inside me, and wrung me out. Don't read this if you have an issue with the death of children, or with graphic violence. Trust me on this one.


For the most part, I also liked the pacing of Suffer the Children. I thought I knew what was coming around the bend, as the synopsis isn't exactly hiding anything, and still I managed to be surprised over and over again. Little things were revealed in perfect places. The general downfall of society, and the depravity that was taking its place, expertly laid out for the reader. Our main characters, the people who I started out feeling awful for, suddenly became something I was afraid of. It was sudden, and impressive. The one thing I had an issue with was that the ending felt oddly rushed. After the slow build up, the ending felt a little jarring. Expected, maybe. But jarring nonetheless.


So why the three star rating? There were points that dragged a bit, some awkward dialogue, and points where things didnt' quite match up. For me though, personally, this read was so tough. If you've followed me for any length of time, you'll know that I have a hard time reading about children in peril. This book ate at me. I found myself thinking about it even while I wasn't listening. I can't even really say I enjoyed the listen, so much as it was well done. Would I ever read this again? I think not. That being said, I still highly recommend others give this a shot. Just take into account what I mentioned above.




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