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Dogs Don't Look Both Ways: A Primer on Unintended Consequences by Jane Hanser

Dogs Don't Look Both Ways: A Primer on Unintended Consequences - Jane Hanser

To anyone who has ever had strong-minded, adorably frustrating dog, this book is for you. What you'll find is the true story of Joey, the dog, and his humans. I'm not generally a fan of books told through the eyes of pets, but Joey is hard to resist. There's such joy in reading a story told through such a curious narrator's eyes. I couldn't help but smile as his endless energy caught me up in its web. Ah, to be a dog. 


It might sound odd, but if dogs were able to read then this would be a book they'd definitely need on their to-be-read pile. Joey tells us his life story, and the way that it reads is almost like a cautionary tale. From the moment of his birth, to the tragic accident that almost ended everything, his whole existence is laid out on these pages. For those of us who are human readers, this is a story that holds much of the truth of owning a pet. That our love for them knows no bounds. That we might try, and fail, to keep them safe sometimes. That even if something tragic happens, that same love has the ability to see us through. 


It was an enjoyable experience to see the world as Joey did, and I'm glad I was given that chance! This probably would have resonated with me a lot more if I actually had a pet at this time. Growing up we were never without a dog, but I've lost touch with that since I became an adult. If I can say anything though, it's that this book really makes me want that companionship back in my life.