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Cardboard by Doug TenNapel

Cardboard - Doug TenNapel

Think Invader Zim meets Gremlins, and you'll have a pretty good handle on this book.


The first part comes from the illustrations. They're very stylized, almost cartoon-like in nature. Colors are vivid, lines are heavy, and it gives this whole story an almost weighty feel. What I did like about these illustrations was that they brought to life the characters very well. The line drawn between good and evil is fairly apparent, and the backdrops make this a very exciting book to read.


As for the latter part of my above statement, imagine that you had the power to create life. Would you use it for good, or for evil? Would you follow the rules set in place by the person who granted it to you? These are things that are discussed between these pages, along with a rather hilarious set of other random things. I appreciated the overall tone of this story though. Do good things, get good back. Do bad things? Well, we all know how that ends.


Not my favorite graphic novel, but definitely fun to read! Be warned, this one is a bit on the long side and heavy in hardback. Trust me, I had to carry it home from the library.