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Steel's Edge (The Edge #4) by Ilona Andrews

Steel's Edge -  Ilona Andrews

Where do I begin with my love for this book? No matter how many of Ilona Andrews' books I read, I'm always impressed. Their ability to write compelling characters, vast new worlds, and the combination of drama and romance, always knocks me to my knees. This is the fourth, and sadly last, book in The Edge series. I've devoured every single one, but this one is absolutely my favorite. I'm still reeling, friends! So please pardon me if I gush.


Let me start with Charlotte. Andrews is known for her amazing female characters, but Charlotte wins all the prizes in that category. She's just so damn likable! A healer by trade, she has the type of patience that we all only dream of having. However, if you hurt someone she loves or tell her she isn't good enough? Watch out. This woman has a fire that makes her a force to be reckoned with, and the ability to match. No spoilers from me, but I so very much loved her. Charlotte was the perfect mixture of refined and downright bad-ass.


Then there was Richard. Adorably gruff, overly serious, yet devastatingly charming, there could be no person more perfectly suited for Charlotte. Andrews isn't the type to write chauvinistic heroes. The men in these books always walk that line between chivalry and possessiveness. Richard is no exception. His back story, his love for Charlotte, all of it turned him into a character that you just couldn't help but adore. When these two were together, it was something of beauty. I won't lie, I absolutely cried more than once.


As for the story, it was stunning! If there was ever a way to end a series, this is it. All of these books have stolen my heart, but this one in particular was completely amazing. Full of intrigue, backstabbing, romance, and battles. Every single one of my favorite characters made a cameo, and I was in bookish heaven. I loved every single minute of this book. Every single one. I'm sad this series is over, but I truly can't wait to read it all over again.