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Les Misérables by Victor Hugo (Manga)

Manga Classics: Les Miserables Hardcover - Victor Hugo

In an effort to branch out into reading more manga, I decided to give this a chance. The story of Les Misérables is one that I've loved since the first moment I read it. I've read the original story, seen the musical, and of course seen the movie adaptation. So, why not add the manga to my list of formats in which I have experienced this moving story? I went into this excited, and a bit wary.


I must say, Fantine and Cosette transfer perfectly into manga format. The big eyes, sweet faces, and all around adorable nature of manga female characters is perfect for these two. In terms of Jean Valjean and Marius, I was a little less sold on the way they were drawn. Maybe it's just me, actually it probably is just me, but I like my Jean Valjean a little more on gruff side. Personal preference and all that, but it's the truth.


The story of Les Misérables is a little watered down in this version, which I understood. There simply isn't space for all of the little nuances that this story generally has. I did appreciate that they kept some of the more important lines intact, and manga honestly does convey emotions well. It was a fun ride. I think what I missed, more than anything, was the music. I remember that I read the novel before I saw the musical, but after I experienced the musical I could never go back.


So, this three star rating is simply based on preferences. Fans of manga should definitely pick this up, especially if you haven't experienced the story yet. I also think that readers, like myself, who are looking to branch out will appreciate starting with something they know. I know I'll be on the lookout for more of these! I love the fact that I can experience stories that I love, in a new way.