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I'm a bookworm of the highest caliber! If you see me, I'll probably be reading. There's nothing I love more than finding a good book, and then sharing it with the world!

Hey y'all!


These last two months have been utterly insane at work and, despite my continuously trying to tell myself otherwise, I dropped the ball on a lot of things. I kind of disappeared for a bit. I retreated into a cave of work, eating and sleep but nothing else. Needless to say, now that I'm out of it, I'm standing here in the blinding light and blinking like mad.


What did I miss?


What year is it?


Do my BL friends still exist?


Anyway hi! I missed you! As you can see by my reading challenge, I'm so behind. But I'm determined to make the rest of this year mine. If I catch up, huzzah! If not, so be it. I'm just glad I survived the last two months without burning out altogether.


Big hugs!