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The Burning Court by John Dickson Carr

The Burning Court - John Dickson Carr

I've actually been meaning to read a John Dickson Carr story for quite a while, so I was glad that Halloween Bingo gave me that chance! Is it any wonder that I ended up choosing the one that had a supernatural bent to it though? I'm not as much in love with mysteries as I probably should be normally, but add in some supernatural elements and I'm definitely in!


Unfortunately for John Dickson Carr, that addition actually seemed to throw his story off a bit. Don't mistake me, this book was overall very well done. It's one of the few mysteries that I've read where I had no idea, literally the entire book, who was responsible for the murder. Alas, the supernatural elements kind of just sat in the background though. There, but not fleshed out. Annoyingly vague and, frustratingly enough, only hinted at to keep that thread moving through the book.


Until the end, that is. Although, truth be told, I have no idea what that ending actually wrapped up for me. After reading this, and being completely baffled at the epilogue, I went out and looked for some information on this. As it turns out, that helped! But I wish I would have been able to glean what happened for myself.


Fun note: I stumbled upon a YouTube channel that has all the old radio shows where books like this were turned into a 30 minute play. The Burning Court is great! And it takes out the supernatural elements, to make it more straight mystery and a lot more palatable. I think I'm going to go back and listen to a lot of these. Link is here.