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A Wild and Unremarkable Book

A Wild and Unremarkable Thing - Jen Castleberry

That's what the title should be. It's fine, as a whole. The story is fairly solid. The characters are fairly well fleshed out. It's just that nothing really happens! There's a romance that is glossed over, a family that falls into the background, and the kind of character building that makes you wonder why they really bothered at all, since nothing happens to the characters.


There's a dragon slaying contest in this book, yes you heard me right, and it's boring. Uneventful. Unremarkable. There's a girl posing as a boy for the good of her family, and it's just swept right over.


I gave this 3 stars because it was a quick read that I did actually end up finishing. I just wouldn't read it again. In fact, I'm already starting to forget it.