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A Merchant in Oria by David Wiley

A Merchant in Oria - David E. Wiley

It's not often that I stumble on a novella length Fantasy novel, so you can imagine my delight when this one was offered to me for review. Even better, this turned out to be a novella that I honestly didn't want to end. David Wiley has managed to execute quite the story in A Merchant in Oria, and it's impressive even without the small amount of pages that he's done it in. I tell you, this is an author to watch.

Firion is a great character. I was stunned at how much I instantly liked him, and how well fleshed out he was as the novella sped by. With dreams of wealth, and filled youthful vigor, he sets out to Oria to make a name for himself. Little does Firion know that he's riding right into the middle of something rotten, and a mystery that is so much larger than himself. Watching him battle with his conscience and even grow a bit throughout this, was so much fun. I could not believe how well his character developed in such a short time.

Better still was the world building that spanned this novella. Instead of feeling flat and rushed, Oria and its surrounding cities grew in front me. If you haven't already caught on, there is a lot to love about how much attention to detail there is in such a short span of pages. Wiley brings lizard-men and dwarves into the picture, wraps them in magic and intrigue, and does it all effortlessly. This was a fun ride.

Truth be told, I was sad when this novella was over. I'd love to see more of Firion, and find out more about the family that he came from. This is so worth your time. Check out A Merchant in Oria. You won't be sorry.