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A Million Junes by Emily Henry

A Million Junes - Emily Henry

Short and sweet: This book went from something I wasn't sure I'd love to a book that I fell head over heels for, in no time flat.


One of the most beautiful, and honest, discussions of dealing with loss that I've ever read. June doesn't beat around the bush. She brutally honest about the way memories hurt, and heal, then hurt again. The idea that you ever "get over" losing someone is all but smashed in this, and I loved it for that.


My favorite part was June's sentiment about helping others deal. "I'm useless, but I'm here." I've been saying that to people for ages. I know I can never fully understand their pain, and I don't want to trivialize their process by attempting to. But I always tell them I'm here. To listen. To hug. To smash things with if need be.


Beautiful. Just beautiful.