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Saying Goodbye

Today we said goodbye to one of the people in our office that was like a mother/grandmother to everyone here. It was only the second non-family funeral that I've attended, but everyone in our department loved her so very much that there was no chance that we wouldn't all go. We wanted to celebrate her life, and listen to stories of how she touched everyone around her. Because that's exactly the type of person that she was. The type of person who you'd meet, even for 5 minutes, and suddenly feel absolutely accepted by. The type of person that, whether you knew her well or not, you felt like you wanted to hug (and trust me she wouldn't mind). She'd been sick since I began working here, but you'd never be able to tell from her demeanor. She was upbeat, impeccably dressed, and full of the sort of kindness that seemed to radiate off of her in waves. She will be so so very missed.


There's been a lot going on lately, not the least of which was the sudden news of her passing. I've been keeping myself together pretty well, if I do say so myself, but haven't really had the energy to keep things outside of that up as I'd like to. The proof is in my blog. I swear, I tried to post this month. But it's the 24th and there are 7 posts up. It just wasn't a thing I wanted to deal with. I had to make so many apologies.


Being at the funeral today made me realize though that it's not even so much about the content I post here. I just miss interacting with all of you. Watching so many people, from all different parts of life, come to celebrate the woman that they felt so loved by, made me smile. Friendships, relationships, memories, those are the things that are important. So if I don't post here, don't fret. I'll just come and comment. Bug you. Leave you notes. I'm not going to let myself be my own worst critic. I'm just going to grieve, eat these comforting papusas I bought, and breathe.