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Calling all my Horror fans out there!


I found this amazing box called The Nocturnal Reader's Box through Instagram, and I had to subscribe. Instagram is swimming in YA sub boxes, and I was getting kind of tired of seeing the same thing over and over. When this box promised all things thriller, mystery and horror, I was sold.




This is April's "Trapped" theme box. It featured:

* A Lord of the Flies tote bag (the picture cut off but I can take another one if anyone is interested)

* A Cujo enamel pin (it's AMAZING)

* A Shutter Island matchbox

* A Chap Book of creepy poems

* An Overlook Hotel bar glass

* A 3D print (this looks so cool with the glasses on)

* A "Trapped" bookmark

* A copy of Suffer the Children by Craig DiLouie (I read this last year and it was GREAT)

* A copy of Little Heaven by Nick Cutter


Honestly, this box had the most value for what I paid for it (roughly $42 with shipping) and I'm so pleased with the curation. I'm hooked, and I'm keeping this subscription. Especially if I keep getting things like that pin and bar glass. *happy sigh*


May's box is already sold out (it literally sold out in 2 hours), but June's sub opens up May 1st. So keep an eye out if you're interested.