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Ms. Allergy Pants

So, I'm currently sitting on my couch and working from home because I woke up this morning to a puppy child covered in hives. I mean COVERED. She was itchy, and I had to cover her with a sweater to keep her from scratching them to bleeding. A vet visit was arranged, she was given Benadryl and Prednisone, and now I'm on puppy child watch until this evening. Which, to be honest, is pretty easy since she's passed out on the couch. Poor little girl.


Apparently bulldogs are quite prone to allergies, specifically during the wetter months. So this might be the first of many times we have to put up with this. My wallet weeps. LOL.


Bright side, we caught it before she had any worse side effects. The vet said some dogs get all the way to the point where their throats or nasal passages swell and they can't breathe. So I'm glad we're good puppy parents and pay attention to her health.


I'm just REALLY glad I'm allowed to work from home. *sigh*