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Self Care Happenings

Hey all!


So remember I said that I took a step back for a bit? Yeah, I did it in the interest of self care. It's a tough job being an empathetic person in the middle of a time when it feels hopeless. That, and I got so tired of fighting with people on my timelines about political things. I have that fight in me, but sometimes I need to take a break and go heal a bit. One can only take so many hits before they need some rest. I'm back though, and feeling good.


I promised myself that 2017 would be all about self care, and remembering to do things that mattered to me. Even if they seemed trivial. 


So far I've:


* Started learning hand lettering. Look, massive props to all the people out there who do this. It is so difficult, but also so relaxing. I doodled all over a page yesterday, and practiced writing my name in all kinds of swirly, block lettered and faux calligraphy ways. Writing with a brush pen is FUN. I think I found a new addiction.


* Started journaling more often, especially when I feel stressed. Even if I only write 2 or 3 lines. I used to be so concerned about filling up a page. Silly, silly me.



* Subscribed to a sticker club! I've been trying to find a reason to journal more, and to use a planner, and stickers sounded like the perfect motivation. Hey, I'm a big kid okay. I LOVE stickers. I also love surprises. No brainer right there.



* Done a little retail therapy, mixed in with a "read outside the box" goal. I've been wanting to read Lewis' MARCH series for a while, and then the whole drama happened with our lovely new President and I thought, "Hey, what better time to purchase those than now?" Thank you Amazon.



* Watched more television. I used to feel guilty watching tv. Now I binge it like there's no tomorrow when I don't feel like reading. I'm plowing through Penny Dreadful at the moment. I just finished A Series of Unfortunate Events, and next up is Fargo. There's so much good tv to devour out there!


Now that I'm feeling good, I'm back! Here to bug you all with incessant Luna photos, the occasional review, and book swaps galore. I missed you all. I'll also try to remind you to do your own self care. Read an old favorite. Eat some chocolate. Go for a run. Snuggle a puppy. Take care of yourself friends. It's going to be a long year.