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Comic Bingo - Update #1


I wanted to come and post this on Monday, but the site was so slow I gave up. Since it's relatively behaving itself, here is me trying again!


I'm working my way through the General Comic Book Bingo card, albeit slower than I wanted to. It took me a lot longer to read New X-Men than I thought, although I'm not sad about it. Grant Morrison's comics usually do take me a little more time to absorb.


Quick updates on these:


I Hate Fairyland continues to be absolutely amazing. I have both volumes (since I buy single issues) and the second story arc is even better than the first! Skottie Young is the man!


Feathers was an unexpected delight! I found it on a whim, through my library's new comic lending system. It was fun, full of adventure, and even had a great moral to it all.


New X-Men is totally interesting. I only finished the first volume for this bingo, but I'm going to keep reading through Morrison's story arcs. Apparently it goes downhill after he stops writing it, so I've got 7 more to go :).


Next up:


I'm thinking of starting the new Silk series for the "Street Level" square! We'll see. I may be derailed by more Daredevil. I love me some Daredevil.