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I'm a bookworm of the highest caliber! If you see me, I'll probably be reading. There's nothing I love more than finding a good book, and then sharing it with the world!

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Luna says "Sticks are the best, but mom won't let me chew them."



Sorry I wasn't around all last week guys, or this weekend really. I had to unplug a bit, and just kind of laze around. It's been my defense mechanism when it comes to anxiety, and it helps a lot! The only exception during that time is Instagram, because I can't resist sharing pictures of Luna. She's just too darn adorable.


I did do a lot of reading! I finally made it through the last portion of Natchez Burning which, at 800+ pages, is the longest book I've read so far this year. So I was pretty happy. I'm behind on my Halloween bingo, of course, but I knew that would happen and I'll catch up somehow.


So anyway, just saying hi! I'm alive, and back to feeling normal. So I'll be back around on social media. *hugs and love*