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The Only Living Boy Vol. 1

The Only Living Boy #1: Prisoner of the Patchwork Planet - David Gallaher, Steve Ellis

Huzzah! Another graphic novel series that I can proudly recommend to readers of all ages. My mind always goes straight to Bone and Amulet, but I can now proudly add The Only Living Boy to that list. This comic series is action packed, and a ton of fun to read. Much love to David Gallaher and Steve Ellis for bringing to life such an exciting young character. Erik Farrell is just your everyday boy, or at least that's how it seems on the surface. That is, until he wakes up one morning in a fantasy world that's nothing like home.


If I had one qualm about this first volume, it's that it ends a bit too abruptly for my taste. I'm used to graphic novel volumes finishing out a story arc, or at the very least setting up a cliffhanger. Erik's story ends at a place that is rather unexpected, and it didn't feel complete. Luckily, the art style is wonderful and the writing is superb. That means that, despite any small issues, I am absolutely excited to read more of this! As I said, this spans all ages. It has action, adventure, and just enough tension to make things awesome. I'm so ready for more.