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Halloween Bingo Planning, Part 1


So, it's my hope that I'll be able to hit a blackout on this. I figure that if I at least make a general plan for all the squares, I'll at least be able to complete a bingo or two :). I've been stretching myself a little too thin with review requests lately, and I'm ready to take a break from that and read what I actually want to read.


I so meant to start this set of posts last week, but my weekend was filled with puppy play dates, birthday celebrations, Luna needing massive attention, and falling asleep in a hammock. Okay, that last one wasn't intentional. It was SO nice though.


So here's my general plan for these squares:


Read By Candlelight or Flashlight - Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King 

(I've been craving some short stories, and it's perfect for flashlight reading!)


Magical Realism - Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

(I feel like it has just enough tension to fit perfectly in this bingo.)


Witches The Witches of the Glass Castle by Gabriella Lepore

(Recommended to me by a reader friend, and I love the cover!)


Genre: HorrorThe Dark by David C. Cassidy

(Another recommendation, with strict advice not to read this before bed.)


Black CatDevil May Care by Elizabeth Peters

(Snagged this off the reading list that someone so kindly made!)


Diverse AuthorsThe Ballad of Black Tom by Victor LaValle

(Much love to Char for this one!)


Ghost Stories and Haunted Houses - The Shining by Stephen King

(It's been SO long since I've read this, and I'm excited!)


Young Adult HorrorBleeding Violet by Dia Reeves

(I also highly recommend Slice of Cherry if you're not squeamish!)


Scary Women (Authors) Breeding Ground by Sarah Pinborough

(It should be noted that I hate spiders, so I'm being brave for this.)


Reads With Booklikes FriendsThe Monstromologist by Rick Yancey

(Another book I haven't read in forever, so I'm really ready to tackle it!)



So that's what I have on deck for now! I haven't even stopped to look at the other sets of squares, and I might just ignore them for the first week or so of the bingo game... we'll see. Can it be September 1st already?