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Jonesy #1

Jonesy #1 - Sam Humphries, Caitlin Rose Boyle

Not 100% sure how I feel about this one, but it's the first issue so I'm more than willing to keep it going and see how it all pans out! Here are some notes of what I liked, and didn't like.


* Liked: POC main character! Which we all know is slowly (very slowly) starting to pop up more and more. I think it's completely awesome.


* Liked: Diversity of other characters! Jonesy's school is diverse as hell, and not only just regarding ethnicity. These kids are crazy unique. Piercings, cool hair colors, fun styles, it's all fair game.


* Liked: Ferret love! Jonesy owns a pet ferret and... it's adorable. ADORABLE.


* On the fence: The art style. It's... different. It kind of fits with this story so far, so I'm wavering. It might grow on me.


* Didn't like: Heaping helpings of sarcasm, and a bit too much fun poking. It's clear that Jonesy doesn't have a filter, and I'm okay with that. But her character felt like it was trying too hard to be a "particular kind of teenager", namely the kind with a bad attitude. Let's see if she grows, I guess.