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Luna Watch - The First Night


So, I realized last night that I completely forgot what it's like to have a puppy. LOL. As a kid, we had plenty. But when we went to bed, mom and dad took care of said puppy. Now she's mine and the hubby's responsibility and... needless to say... we got a fair amount less sleep last night than we normally do. It's to be expected though! Luna did excellently for her first night in a new, and probably kind of scary, space.


We ended up having to sleep on the couches, since that was the only way that she'd sleep on the floor. We tried putting her in the bedroom, but her bed wasn't arriving until today and she decided that the rug in the living room was her home. B and I abandoned our very, VERY comfortable (did I mention it's comfortable?) bed and slept on the couches instead. The good news is that she slept pretty well through the night. And every time she woke up, we took her out, she went to the bathroom, and she came back and went to sleep. No accidents! Not too shabby for a first night!


Today we're headed out to get her some training treats, and start teaching her to sit and stay. My boss was kind enough to let me work from home today, because I would have been dead at work. Ha. Ah, puppies. So worth it though.