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Bits and Bobbles.

I just realized that it's been a full week since I've really had the chance to stop in here for a decent period of time. You're all so busy posting! I'm woefully behind on all your posts, so hopefully it'll be quiet this weekend and I'll be able to catch up. I feel like July started out with a bang, and it's not getting any quieter as the weeks go on.


This last weekend we spent with friends and family, plus I got it into my head that I needed to reorganize my entire bookshelf. So I proceeded to pull all the books off, stare at them, wander away to go eat cake, and then finally put them away hours later. I guess it came out okay? It's always a work in progress.



I also got a wild hair, and started a bookstagram account. It's been fun to do, and keeping me upbeat about life. You can follow me here if you so wish!


This weekend, we're headed home to visit and set my father-in-law up with a new computer. While I love him to the ends of the Earth, that man does not have good luck with technology. He's constantly doing things to make it crash/freeze/etc. He's lucky that my husband is excellent at troubleshooting. LOL. Luckily for him, we decided to be desktop free when we moved. So he's getting one of our computers.


Next weekend we're GETTING OUR PUPPY!!!! AHHHH! *ahem* Sorry, really excited about that. We've been wanting a dog for a while now, and the hubby's #1 choice was always a bull dog. When one of our friends mentioned that her dog was having puppies, we debated. Bull dogs are expensive, and I kind of wanted to adopt instead of going the pure bred route. Then the puppies were born, and the littlest runt ever came out. A tiny girl born with no tail, so no one who was buying pure breds wanted her. Look at this FACE! We had to adopt her.



And finally, the last full weekend of July holds the date of the very massive birthday party that I'm throwing for myself. The last time I had an actual party was when I turned 25. Then we moved a bunch, and were busy, or broke, and it just wasn't a priority. This year I decided that I needed to build some memories, so I'm throwing a 90's themed party at our new house. I'm pretty darn excited, if the large pile of nostalgic items sitting on my kitchen table have anything to say about it. This shall be epic.


So all of that rambling is to say that I'm here! And I'm reading, albeit slower than usual. I may not be around quite as much as I'd like, but I'll lurk as much as possible :). And you can expect way too many puppy pictures soon.