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I'm a bookworm of the highest caliber! If you see me, I'll probably be reading. There's nothing I love more than finding a good book, and then sharing it with the world!

July's Tremendous TBR!

Secrets, Lies, & Scandals - Amanda K. Morgan Life After Juliet - Shannon Lee Alexander After Alice: A Novel - Gregory Maguire No Rest for the Wicked - Dane Cobain Let Me Fly Free - Mary Fan Rising Tides - Katy Haye Smash & Grab - Amy Christine Parker The Killer in Me - Margot Harrison Wake the Hollow - Gaby Triana VIP: Battle of the Bands - Jen Calonita

Well, June is done. Today is my birthday, which means it's the first day of July! Huzzah! This has always been my favorite month. Birthday celebrations, fireworks, big barbeques, and long, warm evenings. I'm so very ready for all of that.



Spongebob here sums up how I feel about my June reading. With the exception of one book, which I feel will likely languish for a long while since it's SO slow, I finished my June TBR. Woohoo!


As you can see above, I took on a lot of review books for July. That's not even all of them, just the ones I'm most looking forward to :). *wipes brow* I have a good feeling though. Let's hope some of these are gems!