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Updates and such!


Sam totally understands how I'm feeling right now. 


At first, staying at home while the hubby was healing was pretty fun. I read a lot, took naps, started a cross stitch, did a puzzle, played some video games and finally caught up on Game of Thrones. 


Now, I'm actually ready to go back to work. Hahaha. I'm going a bit crazy with too much free time. I worked from home today, which was nice. And I'll work from home tomorrow too so that we can go to the hubs post-op appointment. But I'm actually ready to go into work on Wednesday :).


That being said, the patient is doing well! He's healing a lot faster than the surgeon expected him to, and already eager to get up and start walking. Which, happily, he was cleared for today. So we'll probably take a short walk later on. He's also going stir crazy though, because he won't be cleared to drive until the end of this week. Poor guy. He's used to having the freedom to get out. And right now he's not supposed to tax himself too much.


As for me, I'm also looking forward to Friday because it's my birthday! My mom and my sister will be down visiting, and I'm hoping we'll just have a fun day of silliness and too much food! I'll be ready for it after two days back at work, I'm sure. I'll probably be back here complaining about how much I'm ready to be back on vacation at home.